– dating of papers used for manuscripts, prints and drawings

Paper is a fundamental part of our cultural heritage. Unfortunately, it often remains undated so it is not possible to determine the age of a piece of art or a document. Therefore, we try to find other ways to detect the age. Analysing paper and watermarks can give important indications.

Egmont_Zeittafel_mLegende_v2_50dpiThe image above shows how a an paper- and watermark analysis can help to reorganize an Artist-oeuvre – here in this case of the so called „Egmont-Master“. For such a reordening its necessary to combine information about the used paper with metadatas (f.e. artists, format, titel, date indications, printer etc.). This is the aim of heridate.

The heridate project database shows watermarks collected in projects as followed:


heridate is contected to the Bernstein-Portal. For watermark research in heridate please use the Bernstein-Portal or go directly to heridate (www.heridate.com).

project duration: since 2013 (still running project)